Broken Record

by Towers and Trees

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Boxbot Fantastic Canadian band with a good range of sound, from the fast and twangy Devil On The Highway to the rockin' piano in Montreal and the beautiful violin in We're Not Islands. Also a treat to hear live. Looking forward to the next album! Favorite track: We're Not Islands.
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released July 11, 2012

All songs written and composed by Adrian Chalifour.
Produced by Ben Lubberts and Adrian Chalifour
Recorded, mixed and edited by Ben Lubberts at Ben’s Apartment.
Mastered by Brock Macfarlane at CPS Mastering

Music performed by:
Kiana Brasset: Fiddle
Adrian Chalifour: Drums, percussion, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Olivier Clements: Flugelhorn, trumpet
Andrea Lubberts: Vocals
Ben Lubberts: Drums, percussion, piano, guitar, vocals
Donovan Rush: Bass
David Zellinsky: electric guitar

Boot stomps, snaps and claps in “Wandering Ivy” and “Montreal” performed by some wonderful friends at J&K’s in Fairfield.

Cover art by Ashley Bowes

Thank you for listening and sharing.

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Towers and Trees Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: We're Not Islands
I'm an orphan, a ship at sea
I'm the Lost, the Refugee
Got a broken soul, bloody knees
I need your love

Like a beggar, like a hungry babe
Like a desert plant for desert rain
Like a dissident for deeper change
I need your love (I need it)

Make a home in your heart
Cuz I'm coming in
I come hell or high water to where you begin
Don't pull away love
Don't make me swim
We're not islands, you and I
We're friends

I'm a vessel, a jar of clay
You can fill me up or let me break
I'm no raincloud, I can't end this drought
But maybe I could be poured out

Like a trickle from a crack of stone
I won't die if you leave me alone
But I'm an echo, someone else's groan
I don't want to be my own

We're not islands
Track Name: Montreal
Baby pack your bags and meet me by the car
See that line on the horizon? We're going twice that far
Cuz I'm off to chase a deeper call
I'm going to Montreal

I'm tired of desert hills and big-box restaurants
You know I'd leave it all behind for le Fleuve St. Laurent
Never found salvation in that shopping mall
So I'm going to Montreal

I'm going to Montreal
I'm going to Montreal
Yeah I'm going to where the women are thin and tall
I'm going to Montreal

Now I know we hadn't talked about it just yet
But my heart's already there and I've been dreaming of that jet
When you see that cityscape you won't think twice at all
Come with me to Montreal

Let's go to Montreal
Let's go to Montreal
Where I'll make love to you in the summer, winter, spring and fall
Way out in Montreal


I want to hear that city groaning 'neath my feet
Smell the cigarettes and cocaine on her Saturday-night streets
Feel the carnal pulse in every concrete wall
The heart of Montreal

I want the fashion sex and rock n' roll
I want the late-night fight between two whiskey-washed souls
I want to hike up your skirt in a bathroom stall
In downtown Montreal

Je vais a Montreal
Track Name: Devil on the Highway
No sleepy-sleep no sleepy-eyes get wide no countin' sheep
Devil's on that highway got to keep my promise got to keep my
No counting cars no gazing stars no grazing cows no cattle
Get rattled on that road that shoulder won't hurt boulder let's go

Devil's on that highway
Devil's on that highway
Tryin' to get in my way but I'm gonna see those lights, babe
Make it to the city
She'll sleep and feed me
The Devil's on the road he won't be in no hotel

I'm getting closer by the hour even closer yet
I'm on my way

Devil's in my hotel
Devil's in my hotel
Don't kiss and don't tell
No foreplay no-way Jose!
Devil's on that barstool
Makin' eyes across the room
The Devil's wearing denim nursing gin and wanting in

I'm getting closer by the hour even closer yet
I'm almost there

I saw that ocean rising up in front of me
There's somethin 'bout the air is always sweeter by the sea
I can't remember the last time that I breathed this deep
I left the Devil in the desert now I'm coasting free
Take me to the coast man I'm free

Just one little note
Little bit of a footnote
Include as addendum
Attach with appendices
See when I hit that road
well he came with me
yeah he came with me
yea he came with me

Devil's in my guitar
Devil's in my guitar
No matter how far he always seems to be there
Devil wants a solo
Devil he flies solo
I told him I don't know that solo may be a no go

I'm getting closer by the hour even closer yet
I'm coming home
Track Name: the Offering
I am a low and broken man
But I a strong and I will hold you to your word
Your body pressed against the bed
With all the weight of my dominion on your world
For I was made a battering ram
And all your walls will fold like plaster in the rain
This mouth was made to be fed
So now you stand to lose that which I stand to gain

Here we are lost, we are pure, we are broken
The picture of possession, we are naked and this is love
And in all our fury and our beauty we will tear it all to pieces
This distance we've constructed lies in ruin at our feet

You are a sweet and broken girl
All your power hides in the spaces in between
One-by-one your petals will unfurl
As I am drawn into the places left unseen
For you were made a flowering stem
The very heart of which was meant to be revealed
And I've held fast to your garment's hem
Gave my dignity away for the chance to be healed

Now the silence, it is splintered
By the whisper threads you're spinning
You have drawn me to your well
I will drink, and you will pull me in

And all my weight in you is sinking
There's no coming up for air
There's no grace in my surrender
I came stumbling unprepared
And I slipped into your slumber
Like some animal ensnared
Who would take you for a hunter
with your skin so pale and fair?
Stretched before me like a canvas
To be painted as I dare
The still and sacred altar
For this Offering I've prepared
For you were made a vacant temple
And I have come to say my prayers
But you unravel my religion
Like a braid that holds your hair
So here receive this body
Which was broken for to share
So here receive my body
Which is broken for to share
Track Name: Broken Song
Four cigarettes and a bottle of rye
Nothing but time and not much else
I've got no friends, no plans, no reason to stand
So I bury myself

Outside, still stuck in this town
No snow on the ground but it won't be long
I've got no fire, no joy, I'm just a boy
With a broken song

So don't tell me, "don't pity yourself"
"You've got your health, you don't need a crutch"
When I've got no hope, no drive, I'm just alive
And that ain't saying much

Four rooms don't make a home
I'm still alone and smelling like smoke
I've got no girl, no reason to cry, but my eyes ain't dry
Cuz my heart's still broke

So I lay down and I'll beckon the night
If I can't find the light, I can still find sleep
I've got no God, no soul, but I've got no control
So I lay at His feet

So I lay
Track Name: Wandering Ivy
I used to call you my Wild Rose Girl
No other flower like yours could bloom
And paint my bleak heart with red desire
Your wild fire, your sweet perfume

When I'd lay you like a Tulip
Upon my bed to gently unfold
I'd pull your petals one-by-one 'till
I knew you'd love me 'till I grew old

But then I saw your vines wrapped around him
I caught you drinkin' from his well
You left a trail of fallen petals
Upon the bed where you done fell

And so I call you my Wandering Ivy
Cuz you went creepin' across the yard
You sunk your tendrils deep in my veins
And pulled the life from this tender heart

I used to call you my Floating Lilly
I could find shelter on your sill
Where you would bathe and slowly caress me
Slowly undress me and my will

But now my will, it's gone and broken
Like Poison Oak you have left me raw
And so your rash will itch and linger
Upon the finger that bound us by law

And so I call you my Wandering Ivy
Cuz you went creepin' yet again
So I will leave you to slowly whither
You lost your mister and my good name

Now that I call you my Wandering Ivy
I'll never call you My Girl again
I'll never call you My Girl again
I'll never call you My Girl again